Scott O'Day, Guitar and Violin Instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area

Scott O'Day is an active guitar and violin teacher in San Francisco and the East Bay, with over 10 years of teaching experience. Scott accepts students of any age and level, for any style of music. In the past he has taught rock, pop, metal, flamenco, classical guitar and violin, jazz, kid's songs, folk, and bluegrass and old-time. His teaching style is student focused and fun, while always relaying a proper understanding of the underlying mechanics of technique and broader musical knowledge. Each lesson with Scott will break down your long term goals into small and achievable steps. Scott's mission is to inspire and motivate his students by making their success believable and attainable.

Scott is available for private lessons in your home or office in San Francisco or the East Bay.

Without music, life would be a mistake. F. Nietzsche

Beginners are always welcome.

For beginners, Scott will have you playing your favorite song in an enjoyable way in very little time. Scott is very knowledgeable about issues beginners face when learning an instrument, and uses a series of educational tools and resources to help overcome technical difficulties. If you feel discouraged by the idea of having time to learn such a seemingly complicated instrument, Scott will make the process not only manageable, but easy and fun! Most beginners are delighted when they hear themselves play a song in a recognizable way in just a few lessons.

Music for the whole family.

Scott has a great connection with kids of any age, and has taught from age 4 and up. Elementary school age kids love playing music and feeling like they are succeeding and Scott always facilitates a positive environment for kids' playful natures and imaginations. Middle and High school kids are at an ideal age to learn an instrument, being tuned in to social activities like music and having a natural tendency to be self-directed while learning music. Scott is adept at taking a teen's musical interest and helping to expand it into a lifelong passion. Scott loves to teach parents too! Learning an instrument while your child does is a great way to motivate and interest them in music and learning, but is also fun for you!

Scott also has experience teaching bass guitar, ukulele, beginning piano, saxophone, and drums. So if guitar or violin are not for you and you or another member of your family would like to try an instrument, Scott can help you get started.

Classical Guitar and Violin.

For those interested in classical guitar or violin, or flamenco guitar, Scott has many years of experience in these styles. His teaching style tends to be focused on technique and coordination for beginners. Although this approach has fewer "flashy" results at first, Scott's students excel greatly and progress much faster after an initial period of time learning some fundamentals. Never routine, Scott takes time to hone in on the kind of practice and exercises each individual needs. For students who are past the initial stages, lessons tend to be focused on interpretation and musicality. For those that are interested, music theory can be incorporated into any lesson.

Intermediate and Advanced players.

Intermediate and advanced students of any style will be challenged by lessons with Scott. As a professional musician, he has years of practical experience to share. Subjects such as ear-training, songwriting, improvisation, music theory, and advanced techniques (tremolo, rasqueado, sweep picking, tapping, slide guitar, etc.) are available and encouraged for advanced students. But most importantly, Scott stresses musicality (in what character or quality to play music) and creating a personal interpretation, which are goals for all musicians regardless of their level.

Schedule your lesson.

If you are interested in lessons with Scott, please click the Contact link at the top of this page and send an email with your phone number and Scott will quickly return your message either with a call or email. Currently lessons are given in San Francisco or the East Bay in the student's home. Lesson times depend on a few factors, such as your preferred location and availability, and will always be a convenient time for you.


Rates vary according to location, lesson length, and availability. Please contact Scott for more details.